Evaluate your self-regulation

Welcome to VOCIS Diagnostic Toolkit! The toolkit can train your abilities of self-regulation to develop your inner self and therewith reduce stress in your professional and private life. It consists of

  • a questionnaire to assess yourself,
  • an automatic calculator for your results with hints for your development for the online version / a guideline for calculation with the print version and
  • the heart of the toolkit is a major collection of exercises ready for your practice.

1. My professional goals are attractive to me.

2. I work on specific goals set by myself.

3. My goals at work are challenging.

4. When I have a professional task I immediately start working on it.

5. I can concentrate well on my professional duties.

6. When doing unpleasant work tasks, I find it difficult to implement my plans.

7. I remain constructive at work when something does not work out the way I had imagined.

8. I can switch flexibly between pleasant and unpleasant feelings and remain task orientated.

9. I am able to read my body’s signals and if possible take a break from work when needed.

10. I regularly check the extent to which what I am doing at work, corresponds to my own needs.

11. When in doubt, I listen to my body signals rather than trying to meet other’s expectations.

12. After successfully accomplishing a work task I have several ideas to reward myself.

13. I listen to my inner voice when completing work tasks.

14. I am very self-critical and strict with myself regarding professional failures.

15. What I do at work is part of my long-term life plan.

16. I can set my own goals at work.

17. When I have a task to complete I look forward to starting it.

18. At work, I think about the next attractive goals I would like to set for myself.

19. I find it exciting to learn new things about myself.

20. My mistakes and weaknesses contribute to my development.

21. I accept that painful experiences are a part of human life.

22. When needed, I know what I can or cannot do to take good care of myself.